In this edition of our newsletter, we continue our quest into the ongoing debate about the future of Web3. Will it be the next big thing or simply fade…

January 2023

Benson Oak has a core thesis that all businesses will have some form of “Web3-enablement” to leverage the technology of a public ledger affirming…

October 2022

Web3 is a Technical Enabler, rather than a magical Investment Category

June 2022

Revolutionary Tech for the Evolutionary Use Cases of the Metaverse

May 2022

A recap of Part 1 of a Web3 Webinar Series hosted by Benson Oak Ventures

April 2022

Contributing to the First-of-Its-Kind Blockchain Protocol for Urban Coins
The new wave of Israeli start-ups focused on B2C & B2SMB & Passionware

March 2022

Why We Invested in Lemonade Social
Meet our Head of Community

February 2022

Why we invested in Talis Protocol

January 2022

The new wave of shared ownership platforms presents enormous investment opportunity

November 2021

Passionware & Web3: Viva La Revolution