Passionware & Web3: Viva La Revolution
Navigating venture investing in the new Web 3 world of shared ownership
New Era of Investing around Digital Convergence & Shared Ownership
Viva La Digiverse Revolution
Passionware + Crypto = Bitclout
The Currency of Passionware, NFTs will fuel a world where all assets can be digitized, exponentially growing passionware economies and better rewarding…
The new wave of Israeli start-ups focused on B2C & B2SMB & Passionware
The Power of Conviction & Creative Vision, now fueled by new Funding!
This post was originally published in October 2020 and contains updates after the formal announcement of S'More's Seed II round by Benson Oak Ventures.
BOV Conviction Model of Investment enables team to "keep the offense on the field"
The birth of a new market
The birth of a new market